There wasn’t a single sound other than the nature and the nature was defined by the murmuring of the Langoors, twittering of the birds and the curious looks given by the deer. This is how Kanha National Park greeted us on our afternoon safari in the Kanha National Park for Kisli Zone. We weren’t focusing only to sight a tiger but we escaped to Kanha National Park to be in the fresh air and wild where even the afternoon rays can be felt as refreshing as aura and a crow is dubbed as the jungle crow. There each turn seemed to be surprising and moments where felt like quivering. The Kanha National Park even being the home of several endangered species is also popular for mesmerizing bird watching and spotting varied species of plants amidst the vast bamboo and sal wood. Words can’t describe the wilderness but even a termite

Are you an adventure and wildlife fanatic? Wish to experience the fascinating thrill and beautiful animals? If you nodded your head in a YES, then a memorable safari experience in India is the perfect choice for you. There are oodles of enchanting destinations that offer several pleasurable opportunities, which cannot be just expressed in words. Be it a camel safari, jeep safari, motor biking or boat ride, India offers them all. In case you desire to know more about them, then keep reading. Tourists from different nooks and corners of the globe travel to various places of India to marvel at the rich collection of fauna and flora. Just imagine what would have happened if the flora and fauna were not as colorful and rich as they are now; there would have been no talk of Indian wildlife then and only very few would endure the travail of travelling to

Ladakh- Merely a mention of this place conjures up a hypothetical canvass in front of the eyes on which there is painted a paradise-like landscape. The mind begins to run through a series of pictures where we see mountains carpeted with snow, glinting lakes ready to lure the senses, and so on… In short, the scene that matches exactly with that of any traveler’s dreamland. This thing commonly happens with most of the people. However, interestingly, the varied topography of Ladakh is also an epicenter for various adventure activities that evokes an adrenaline rush in the travelers. A traveler with a zeal for thrill can also carry out `many exhilarating activities here. Let’s explore some of the major adventure sports activities of Ladakh… Trekking : Following the trail in snowy dreamland Ladakh, with its picturesque ambiance and mountainous terrain, is no less than a paradise for an avid trekker. The

Are you dropping the plan of joining your family for an adventure trip just because you are above 50? Or you are trying to pass it up it for the safety of your 10 years old child? Break the shackle of stereotypes and accept the fact that age is not a barrier at all. A minimum level of physical and lot of mental strength are all you need to head to a rejuvenating adventure trip. But, where to go and which activity is suitable for your age is what you need to know. Here is a list of activities that can be enjoyed freely by the people of age group of 10 to 65 depending on their physical fitness. Trekking One of the most sought-after adventure activities across the globe, trekking requires that you have the minimum level of physical fitness, especially if you are planning to hike up to

Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” ― Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are Trekking is a great way to satiate the adrenaline rush along with getting drenched in the opulence of nature. The imposing range of the Indian Himalaya calls trekkers from all over the blue planet. If you have decided to embark on an India trekking tour, you must start training yourself beforehand. As it is said that practice makes a man perfect, the same goes with trekkers as well. Trekking can become an uphill task if you do not give importance to practice and training. Sweat yourself, sore yourself and train head to toe in order to ensure a successful trekking trip. To explore some of the most intact and breathtaking panoramas, you have to work for it as well. It certainly

Planning an adventure travel in India with your family? There are plenty of easy trekking options in India where you can take your family for a vacation. Although previous family trekking and camping experience will be highly helpful, nevertheless with the help of experienced kid-friendly guides you can easily trek in India. Here are five of the easy treks in India that you and your family can set out, on your next holidays in India. These treks assure safe, fun and a memorable holiday experience. Bedni Bugyal Trek Bedni Bugyal is one of the finest and largest meadows in Uttrakhand, India. Vast acres of lush meadow can be found lying in between the mountains. A little above you can also find the enormous western flank of Trishul. Click here for detailed itinerary You may also like to read: 7 Most Challenging Treks in Ladakh Himalaya Region Chopta Chandrashila Trek This

“Life full of dreams and time is less to explore Bag full of files but your shoulder packs the back Bottles racked at the store and you fuddle against the skies Journeys are untold and you need to endure.” Explorers seek for new destinations and some freaking trekkers get a trace for another long arduous journey to a paradise filled with breathtaking scenorama. They bring us more places to explore in India and they give us to frame our own clickorama. The vast stretch of the Himalaya, from the Great Lakes of Kashmir and rugged terrain of Ladakh to the ancient trade routes of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, brings forth the most of unexplored treks in Indian Himalaya. Their experiences once penned in their travel diaries dilate the unique culture of the farthest inhabitants up somewhere confined amid the pristine-scape away from the dust and rowdy firma. Once in our

What better way to spend the break than going trekking in the breathtaking trekking destinations in India like ; the country is as diverse as it gets and is strewn with several trekking destinations that are some of the best in the business. Most of these trails are located amidst picturesque settings, rustic countryside, pristine natural beauty, and pass through meadows, alpine mountain passes, and challenging terrains thereby putting the trekker through a serious test. If you manage to come up with flying colors when trying your luck at overcoming the challenges thrown by one of the testing treks, you can sure stake claims to be an accomplished trekker. Trekking in India provides all the fun and excitement that a trekker looks for in an adventure trip, and it is precisely why adventure fanatics from across the world head to the major trekking destinations in the country in large numbers.

“An enthralling adventure trip will do more good for an unhappy individual, a than all the medicines and psychology in the world.” –Trekking to Indian Himalayas Uttarakhand, well-known as ‘The land of Gods or Dev Bhumi’ – is an empyrean for the nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The foothills of the Himalayas are just perfect for trekking and camping aficionados in the country. The rugged beauty of these lofty mountains allure the tourists from all over the globe. Garhwal is the most attractive region, situated in the North West part of the Himalayas. It  provides all types of exciting trek routes to the visitors from easy to strenuous. The Garhwal hills offer the wonderful opportunities for the adventure-bugs and is full of enticing destinations for trekking. The top 25 treks in Garhwal region are: Auden Col Trek: Duration: 18 Days Grade: Challenging – Tough Altitude: 5450 mts/17876 ft Season: Mid May to

Monsoon is the time when most of the country becomes soaked in waters and most of the trekking route turns out closed for trekking. Nevertheless, there are several trekking routes, which a trekker can opt during the showers to satiate their quest for carrying out this exciting adventure. If you are a trekking enthusiast and want to enjoy trekking in the season when the sky turns bluer and foliages turn greener. Here are the top 12 treks that you must opt for your trekking in monsoon. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand Valley of Flowers is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it is the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Nestled in Western Himalayas, this engrossing region can be explored only through trekking. During the months of monsoon, this valley becomes carpeted with beautiful and hued forests, making the colorful landscape and fascinating. The vistas en