“Enveloped in the beautiful ranges, cuddled in the picturesque ambience, The cultural heritage hidden in the monasteries has always been fascinating.” Ladakh often referred to as ‘Mini Tibet’ is a land of Buddhist culture and magnificent monasteries. Most of the monasteries situated in the higher altitudes present a unique blend of Buddhist and Tibetan culture. There are several monasteries (more than 100) in the various regions of Ladakh where monks live, pray and meditate. The head of the monastery is known as the ‘Lama’. Besides paying homage to the Lord, the monasteries nestled in the serene landscapes are an empyrean for the photography enthusiasts also. The peace that the people experience in the tranquil environment of the monasteries not only knocks out their stress but also make them feel closer to God. Here are some of the prominent monasteries in Ladakh that have stood timeless for ages and showcase the