The Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra in Uttarakhand is the most celebrated event in the whole Garhwal region. One of the most sacred and famous pilgrimage in the high Himalayan mountains which is being inculcated with tremendous ancient faiths and beliefs with the immense believe in Goddess Nanda Devi (Wife of Lord Shiva). The Goddess which is being considered as the Isht Devi (Most Devoted Goddess of Garhwal region people) of the region and so the local folks and the royal family of Uttarakhand worship her to please their Isht Devi. Like Kumbh Mela in India, the Nanda Devi Raaj Jat Yatra also commences at every 12 years and this year it was being due for the year 2012, but according the Hindu calendar, the due day was not fortunate (Mal Amavasya) enough to inaugurate any sacred expedition like this; failing to which the date got postponed to next year.

When one thinks about the Indian Himalaya, a mystical feeling embraces the mind and soul all of a sudden. Standing like an obedient sentry of Indian Territory, this magnificent natural wonder seeks attention for its diverse landscape and spectacular scenic views. While the laureates defined the ranges as the abode of the supreme deities, modern travel experts describe these terrains as the adventurists’ delight. The localities that are built alongside the mountain ranges echo the vibrancy of the great Indian culture and present extensive varieties of foods, attires, dance forms and beverages to enjoy. Moreover, thetrekking trails discovered in the lap of its snow clad cliffs let one have the best daring feel of trekking while the diverse topography of different states invite the tourists to get involved in oodles of adventure activities. For a vivid idea about the incredibility of Indian Himalaya, let’s find out the hidden gems of

Kashmir is often referred to as the paradise on earth. With its serene and picturesque locations, beautiful locale and humble people, this place certainly entice you to come and enjoy the natural beauty. However, apart from the sightseeing, this attractive travel destination offers an array of activities to its visitors.  If you are an adventure enthusiast and looking for some good place to explore, book cheap domestic flights and visit Kashmir. Read on to know what all activities you must do when you are in Kashmir. Skiing / Snowboards Skiing in the Himalayas is one the major attractions for tourists who love the adventure sports. Kashmir has its own special ski resort in the Himalayas, named as Gulmarg. The place was first founded in 1927, when two British army officers spotted it and later established the Ski Club of India here. Most importantly, Gulmarg is one of the highest lift-served