It gives you an immense pleasure when you ride the bike on the world’s highest navigable roads of Ladakh. The heart throbbing twists and turns on the valleys and the beautiful view of deep trenches and landscapes awaken the adventurous person in you. The mind-blowing excitement and high altitude adventure at 18000 ft and above is the rarest combination that cannot be found in any other adventure tours. The place is called as the land of extremes. It has dry roads replete with the natural hurdles that test the spirit and courage of the bikers. The weather conditions are quite unexpected; however, the freezing breeze is always there to throw extra challenges to the bike riders. If you are looking for an ultimate challenging and adventurous trip, then selecting a motorbike tour to Ladakh is going to quench all your thrilling desires.  During the trip, you will encounter harsh climate, rough

Owing to its rich cultural and historical heritage, India is a beautiful place to explore. In addition to the cultural tour, the nation is also known for providing thrilling expeditions that allures the adventurists from different nooks and corners of the world. If you are also an adventure lover, this content is tailor-made for you. Read below to have a virtual tour of India’s action-packed destinations. Trekking around the mysterious skeleton lake – the Roopkund Lake Located in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Roopkund is a high altitude glacier lake famous for possessing a mysterious history. This lake is embellished with hundreds of skeletons lying around, and floating in the water. It’s been centuries and the mystery of these skeletons is yet to be solved. As per the folklores, in the 15th century a group of tourists earned the fury of the local deity, Latu and these skeletons belong to the

The Peak Adventure Tour is one of the most approaching tour operators in India that welcomes every enthusiastic traveler to enjoy some agitating experiences at many attractive destinations in India. Mountaineering and trekking are the most enthralling activities for the adventure lovers and Peak Adventure Tour brings every possible arrangement for it. Peak Adventure Tours has organized many adventurous trips for thousands of exalted travelers and this year the Peak Adventure Tour has created a history by organizing the Satopanth Lake trek for Hyderabad group of the Department of Atomic Energy that consisted of a team of 22 people which is considered as the first team of this year to cover the distance of Satopanth Lake trek successfully.  The Satopanth Lake Trek was organized by the Peak Adventure Tour during 21st May – 28thMay and was successfully managed to cover the dangerous glaciers but vivacious sceneries all around the Mana

If you have to define India in a single word then that word would be something like incredible, wonderland or spectacular. But what makes this Southeast Asian nation a winner of such tags? It is VARIETY. Yes, it is variety that adds real spice to India in terms of everything especially ADVENTURE. From high-altitude trekkable passes in the Himalaya to off-beaten ancient caves of Northeast India and from the colourful world of coral reefs to the azure sky, India is truly a land of contrasting beauties. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this country. BUT, if you deprive yourself from the unlimited adventure only because you are a family man then it’s time to break this conservative ideology. It is true that adventure tours and activities are meant for thrill-seekers and daredevils. But there are several activities that you can enjoy along with your family members and children.

When Hansel and Gretel were lost in the woods in their pursuit, many readers of the story must have wished for a tent to appear magically, for them to relax for the night. However, here white water rafting to be discussed. Are you wondering how the two connect? Those kids were having their kind of adventure and rafters have their own. Individuals with the intention of hitting the waters of Ganges to encounter ferocious rapids have adrenaline rush far different from those getting lost in the dark of night and forest. Yet, the need for a comfortable shelter after the adventure of the day is precisely same. Get both, the excitement and rest, on Rishikesh Rafting and Camping tour. The Holy City and Entailing Thrill Rishikesh is a city associated with the beauty of Nature, the divine presence of God and a rafter’s fantasy. Located in legendary Garhwal, the place

Ask any adventure fanatic about his or her dream adventure destination and ‘The Grand Indian Himalayas’ stands out as a clear WINNER. The majestic snow-draped Himalayan ranges are an abode of relatively every enthralling adventure activity, be it a trekking, camping, mountaineering and many more. The mighty Himalayas have everything that satiates the increasing demands and expectations of the visitors. Many adventure lovers from various geographical locations of the world travel to this awe-inspiring region throughout the year to feel the adrenaline rush in their veins. Here are some of the fascinating adventure activities that can be enjoyed in the magnificent Himalayas: Explore the Grandeur of the Himalayas through Trekking Trekking has always been the first love of adventure buffs. As the resplendent Himalayan ranges are a trove of several enchanting trekking trails, it captivates the attention of both experienced and novice trekkers with an unforgettable expedition. Rishikesh, nestled in

With the craze of mountain biking in the challenging trails of the Himalaya catching on, more and more travelers from overseas are drawn to India to try their skills. To call those enthusiastic souls in huge number for this highly adventurous activity, India’s premier International Biking Challenge, the 10th Hero MTB Himalaya Race will begin from 26th September, 2014. Labeled as South Asia’s Biggest Cycling Race, the event is being organized by Hero Cycles in association with Himachal Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA) & UT Bikes. This oldest and the biggest mountain biking race in Himalaya will run for 8 days i.e. till 3rd October, 2014 and will traverse through some of the most beautiful parts of the Himalayan region. Passing through some of the best exhilarating routes the race will explore the lesser known and untouched interiors of the Himalaya. The special attraction of this international mountain

“Every time you dive, you hope you’ll see something new – some new species. Sometimes the ocean gives you a gift, sometimes it doesn’t.” -James Cameron Surrounded by water from the south, south-west and south-east, India boasts many fine destinations where water adventure activities can be carried out. One particular water sport loved by the adrenaline junkies across the world is Scuba Diving. Mother Nature has bestowed this country with a potpourri of scuba diving destinations. Tucked away from the glare of the common public, the fascinating natural underwater is full of vivacious hues and exotic sea creatures. Scuba Diving is the best way to explore the adventurer inside you and get one with the azure seas. An empyrean for scuba divers, India offers the perfect setting to relish the fun and excitement of scuba diving. The history of Scuba Diving in brief People, especially those living on the coasts,

15 Best Places for Adventurous River Rafting in India You Shouldn’t Miss! A lot of people ask me, what’s so exciting about river rafting? And, my only answer to them is ‘try it and you will never come back to me with this question’!!! White River Rafting is emerging as one of India’s most popular water adventure sport, which thrills the riders on the wild waters of the rivers. A lot of enthusiasts are coming up to experience this exciting activity involving rampant water, terrifying rapids, and a boat to take over the foamy water of the river like never before. This recreational outdoor activity is something you must not miss! If you have not experienced this incredible sport before, time to pack your bag and get ready to explore the wonders of white water river rafting in India. We bring you a list of top 15 destinations for river