Covering the three prominent regions of Ladakh, Darcha Padum promises adventure at every turn and is quite famous amongst adventurers from Europe. Darcha Padum Trek will take you on a roller coaster journey through Leh- Ladakh and Zanskar, which was earlier a part of the West Tibet Kingdom. The route was used by nomads to move from one land to the other and trade their staples, wood barley and salt with the people of lowland. The trail of this trek demands frequent ascending and descending, walking on streams, crossing high mountains, which makes it a perfect pick for the professional trekkers. The trek starts from Darcha and further passes through Palamo, Zanskar Sumdo, Chuminakpo, Lakhung, Prune, and Ichar, to reach Padum. Linking some of the finest and dramatic landscapes of Ladakh, Darcha Padum trek unquestionably offers most classic trekking experience in India. By opting for this trek, you will get

Taking you to the heartland of Zanskar by passing through several high mountain passes and numberless rivers, Lamayuru Padum comes under the category of the challenging treks of Ladakh, which can be best experienced in the month of June. Zanskar is one of the scantily inhabited Himalayan valleys blessed with immense natural scenic beauty. The traditional hues of Ladakh accompany treks throughout the journey, even in the remotest places. The trail of the trek throws challenges at every turn but the view of natural bounties of Ladakh keeps you motivated to reach the final destination, no matter how much nerve-racking the situation can be. The trekking trail covers Prinkti La, Sengge La, Lingshed, Parfila, Pishu, Karsha before it reaches Padum. Click here for detailed itinerary. Altitude: 5000 m (16404.2 ft) Duration: 19 days Grade: Challenging Highlights:  Visit ancient and architecturally rich monasteries of Ladakh and Spiti Temperature: 11°C – 28°C

Those wish to see the see the best of two states, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, should opt for this treks as it will take you to so many places that you will be spoilt for choices. The trail passes follow the marks of the ancient trade route, which is still used by the nomadic herdsmen of Changthang. The trek starts from Manali and cuts and runs through Kaza, Dumla, Thaltak, Parang La, Chumik Shilde, Kiangdom, Korzok, Gyama, Rajung, Karu and concludes at Leh. For those who wish to go on an unending exploration, the journey should sign-up for this trek. Click here for detailed itinerary. Altitude: 5319 m (18297.24 ft) Duration: 20days Grade: Challenging Highlights:  Cross Himalayan passes, Camp under the star-studded sky of Ladakh, Witness ancient and architecturally rich monasteries of Ladakh and Spiti Temperature: 11°C – 28°C (summer) and 0 °C – 6°C (winter) Route: Manali 

Quite unknown amongst the trekkers, Chenap Valley Trek is the second most beautiful trek in the list, after the valley of flowers. The trek is a must visit during June as one can many flowers all around the valley, which further amplifies its beauty. Starting from Chai, the trek will further pass through rugged paths to reach Thaing, a small village known for cultivating Brahma Kamal. After crossing Thaing, you will find series of teak forest till you reach Chenap Valley. The flower variety in the Chenap Valley is enigmatic. The valley leaves an imprint of a ceaseless picture exclusive of any sort of infringement. Also, you can visit Swanu and Nandu lake, which are few kilometers away from the valley. The Chenap Valley is a delight not only for nature lovers and trekkers but also for photographers as it is replete with stunning views of snow-capped peaks and lush

One of the most beautiful treks on the list, Valley of flowers trek is famous for a remarkable variety of flowers. Located in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand in the foothills of Himalaya, the trail to reach the valley will be unarguably the best journey of your life. The virgin beauty of this mystical valley has always lured botanist, nature lovers, and adventure lovers. The trek holds a strong mythological connection as according to locals; it was once Lord Indra’s garden, Nandan Kanan and the place where Hanuman found Sanjeevani, the magical here. Considered as the moderate trek of Garhwal region, here one can reach by trekking for 2 days by passing through Govindghat and Ghangaria. A delightful mixture of adventure and serenity, this place is a must visit for every adrenaline junkie. Click here for detailed itinerary. Altitude: 3657.6 m (12,000 ft) Duration: 06 days Grade: Moderate Temperature: 15°C

Taking you to sparkling streams, deep gorges, tranquil lakes and deodar forests, one can see the best of Himachal Pradesh’s natural bounty by embarking on Indrahar Pass trek. The trek stretches from 2875 m to 4425 m, which makes it suitable for people of all ages. Starting and ending at McLeodganj, the trail passes through Dhramkot village, Triund, Lahesh Cave, Indrahar Pass, Chatru Parao, Kuarsi Nala, Machetar and Chamba Village. The panoramic views of Dhauladhar and other Himalayan peaks add further charm to this trek. Click here for detailed itinerary. Altitude: 4375mts (14245 ft) Duration: 09 days Grade: Moderate Temperature: 12°C – 20°C (summer) and (-2) °C – 6°C (winter) Highlights:  View of peaks like Moon (4666 m), Arthur’s Seat (4525 m), Camping in Lahesh Cave, visit beautiful Chamba Valley Route: McLeodganj – Triund (2994 mts/9818 ft.) – Lahesh Cave – Indrahar Pass – Chatru Parao – Kuarsi – Machetar

Those who are looking for an extra dose of adventure in June should opt for Stok Kangri trek. One of the most challenging treks in the Ladakh region, to complete the Stok Kangri Trek one will have to do rope climbing, mountain trekking, hiking through rough snow patches and even need crampons. Stok Kangri peak can be approached from Sumdo, which is a heaven for birdies. The trail further leads to Shang Phu and Shang La. >From Shang La, a downhill trek will take you Matho La. After crossing Matho La, you will pass through a grassy land that is situated beside the melt water stream and then trek towards Stok Kangri base camp; thereafter a strenuous trek up the Stok Kangri peak follows. Located in the dreamy destination of Ladakh, the Stok Kangri Climb is ideal for both novice and experienced trekkers.Click here for detailed itinerary. Altitude: 5319 m

Speaking of the most challenging treks in Himachal Pradesh than Pin Parvati is the best contender. The trek was discovered in 1884 as an alternative passage to the Spiti valley. Covering the maximum altitude of 5319 m, the trek it is counted amongst the most challenging trails in India. The trek also passes through the edges of the Pin Parvati National Park, so there is the slightest possibility that you might spot snow leopards here. Since the trail passes through steep slopes, gradual climbs, barren mountains, snow-clad peaks and rugged passes, trekking here isn’t at all easy and one requires to get acclimatised to the environs. Click here for detailed itinerary. Altitude: 6125 m. (20095.1 ft) Duration: 10 days Grade: Challenging Temperature: 12°C – 18°C (summer) and (-6) °C – 4°C (winter) Highlights:  Trek on high altitude mountain passes, meet and greet people of nomadic villages, camping on Mantalai lakeside

On the Nubra Valley trek, trekkers live the wildest fantasies of their life like passing through the world’s highest motorable road on Khardung La and Lasermo La and ride on the two-hump Bactrian camel. This exhilarating trek allows trekkers from all over the world to explore something unusual at every turn. The trek begins from and then passes through Khardung, Khalsar, Agyam, Khalsar, Tirit, Lukung, Tegar, Sumur and Diskit to reach Phyang Valley. On this trek, you can see sand dunes, monasteries, a ruined palace and at Turtuk, a whole different culture (Balti) to discover. June and July are the best time to go for trekking in Nubra Valley because during this time of the year the valley blossoms with varied colours flowers. The picturesque and breathtaking view of the valley puts this place even on the list of beautiful places in India. Make a point to take a special

As the name says, this trek will take you to the high altitudes lakes of Kashmir, which has beguiled adventurers and travellers from across the world. The trail covers some of the finest lakes of Kashmir like Gangabal Twin Lake, Vishansar Lake, Dal Lake, Yamsar Lake, and Satsar Lake, many high mountains passes like Nichinai and Gadsar and numberless rivulets and streams. Lush green meadows dotted with silver birch, cloud-kissed peaks, azure lakes and other bounties of nature will accompany trekkers throughout the journey. This trek offers some of the most amazing experience in Kashmir that by no means can be forgotten. Altitude: 4191mts (13,750 ft) Duration: 08- 09 days Grade: Medium Temperature: 15°C – 20°C (summer) and (-3) °C – 5°C (winter) Highlights:  High altitude lakes of Kashmir Route:Srinagar – Sonamarg – Shekdur – Nichinai – Vishansar Lake – Gadsar – Satsar – Gangabal Twin lakes – Naranag Accessibility/